William Forsythe at The Shed

William Forsythe at The Shed

by Talisa Velázquez Grossman

Photo by Talisa Velázquez Grossman

Some of the best performances I have experienced have been when I go to the show with no knowledge or expectations. Having never been to or heard of The Shed, I did not know what to expect. A quick ride on the 6 train from Hunter College, then a transfer to the 7 at 42nd for one stop, and I arrived at Hudson Yards. As I made my way to The Shed, I was overwhelmed by all the new futuristic buildings that surround it. I walked in awe, fighting off crowds of tourists taking selfies in front of the Vessel. 

Photo courtesy of The Shed

Like the buildings surrounding it, The Shed is an eye-catching space. The Shed “commissions original works of art, across all disciplines, for all audiences”. As I made my way up to the theatre I kept thinking to myself, I have to come back here. And I will.

I went to see “A Quiet Evening of Dance” by choreographer William Forsythe. The choreographer conveys a clear understanding of classic modern movements while experimenting with contemporary movements with no music. The performance was absolutely silent except for the dancers breaths, movements and claps. It was like I was experiencing dance for the first time. Having no sound made me really pay attention to the movements and how the dancers interacted with each other.

My first experience at The Shed was a 10/10 and I am so excited to go back to experience new, engaging and exploratory work. 

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