Internships & Jobs in the Arts

Currently Available Internships & Jobs

Ready to apply? Find internships that are currently seeking Hunter College students.

Internships Database

Check out our alphabetical database of 100+ reputable arts organizations and companies in NYC that offer internships.

Arts Internship Award

Learn about the Arts Internship Award for undergraduate students taking unpaid internships in the arts.

Hunter Mellon Arts Fellowship

  The Hunter Mellon Arts Fellowship Program offers funding, mentoring, and professional development for students from from backgrounds that are historically underrepresented in leadership positions in the arts who are interested in pursuing careers in arts administration.

CUNY Cultural Corps

CUNY Cultural Corps provides hundreds of CUNY students with paid work experience in New York City’s arts and culture institutions.

More Career Development Resources

Need help with your resume? Still searching for an internship or job in the arts? Use this handy list of additional resources for Hunter students. Click here.