Lincoln Center

Paving the way to world class performance since 1962, Lincoln Center invites art savants and newcomers alike to see what it feels like to let art in. Renowned for an eclectic mix of thousands of events held annually and a groundswell of creative energy all throughout the masterfully designed campus, you could visit every day of the year and still only scratch the surface.

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  • The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts Internship Program provides a unique learning opportunity for individuals interested in careers in performing arts administration and related fields. While internships are offered throughout the year, the majority of internships are available during the summer.  Interns are placed in one of the many dynamic departments of the world’s leading performing arts center in the midst of its busy season of summer festivals. Click here to find out more.
  • The Lincoln Center Student Advisory Council is designed to help strengthen the presence of undergraduate and graduate students across all levels of Lincoln Center. This small group of students will function as ambassadors to Lincoln Center, work to raise awareness of Lincoln Center’s programming at their universities, and assist in coordinating student activities at Lincoln Center. Learn more here