Explorations in the Arts (HUM 201)

This course fulfills the Creative Expression requirement


This course focuses on the experiencing and understanding of temporal and spatial arts, namely film, music, theatre, dance, and visual art. Our aim is to cultivate aesthetic appreciation and enjoyment of various art forms and, moving beyond subjective responses, to use diverse analytical methodologies as a means to form critical opinions about each work verbally and in writing. This class will include outings to museums and theaters.

Course Information for Fall 2023 below:

SubjectCatalog#Class SectionAssocClass NbrClass TitleComponentDaysClass Start TimeClass End Time
HUM201001115270Explorations in the ArtsLECTu11:30 AM2:20 PM
HUM201002236092Explorations in the ArtsLECTu11:30 AM2:20PM
HUM201003336093Explorations in the ArtsLECW11:30 AM2:20 PM
HUM201004436094Explorations in the ArtsLECW4:00 PM6:50 PM
HUM201005548496Explorations in the ArtsLECM11:30 AM2:20 PM
HUM201006648497Explorations in the ArtsLECW11:30 AM2:20 PM
HUM201007755096Explorations in the ArtsLECTh11:30 AM2:20 PM
HUM201008855097Explorations in the ArtsLECF4:00 PM6:50 PM

Pictured (from top left): Tampopo (1985, dir. Juzo Itami); classical / contemporary Anishinaabe composer Olivia Shortt; The Darlings in Quarantine (theatre, 2020); Okwui Okpokwasili in Bronx Gothic (Dance, 2017).