Some FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about the Mellon Arts Fellowship and how to apply:

  • When is the application deadline?
    The Online Application Form and accompanying letters of recommendation are due no later than Monday, NOVEMBER 30, 2020 by 11:59pm

  • What is needed to apply for the Mellon Arts Fellowship?
    Your application should consist of
    (1) The Online Application Form
    (2) A Letter of Recommendation
    (3) Your Resume (which will be uploaded via the online application form)

  • Who should write my letter of recommendation?
    Your letter of recommendation should be written by a Hunter College faculty member within an arts department, or a faculty member who can attest to your interest in the arts. The letter should indicate why you are an ideal candidate for the fellowship program, your passion for the arts, and overall work ethic. The letter should be emailed to mellon@hunter.cuny.edu at the time of your application.

  • What if I am not majoring in an arts field?
    Not to worry! You do not need to be an arts major or minor in order to apply for the Mellon Arts Fellowship. You must, however, display your interest in the arts in the application questions.

  • What if I am pursuing a minor in an arts department?
    That is great! As explained, you do not need to be an arts major to apply for the Mellon Arts Fellowship, but if you are minoring in a field of the arts, we can already tell your interest in the arts. Ideally, a professor from one of your minor courses can write your letter of recommendation. Your application, hopefully, will explain what drew you to pursue this minor as well.

  • Will internships be on-site or remote?
    We are hopeful that internships for Summer 2021 will be in-person and on-site. However, this will be decided by each individual arts institution in accordance with NYC safety regulations closer to date. Internships will be completed by our Mellon Fellows and given the same stipend amount regardless of online or in-person.

  • Can I receive credit for my internship?
    No. The Mellon Arts internships will not count toward course credit. All interns receive a fixed stipend amount of $5,600 for their full-time summer internship (35 hours/week for ten weeks).

  • I plan to work another job during the summer. Can I work and complete the fellowship internship?
    Unfortunately, no. Since the summer internships are full-time, there is not much room to also work another job. The stipend given for your internship is meant to provide you with some income while you gain invaluable experience. We expect our Mellon Fellows to be fully committed to their internships during the summer months.

  • How important are the essay questions of the online application form?
    Very important! We read the essay questions very carefully to learn who you are as a person, student, and art enthusiast. Please take your time to proof-read your answers and put your best foot forward. We cannot wait to see your application!

  • What if I am graduating in Spring 2021?
    If you anticipate graduating in Spring 2021, then you are not eligible for the fellowship program. All fellowship students must remain a student at Hunter through Summer 2021 and/or Fall 2021. You must not have graduated before completing the program internship.