Arts Ambassadors 2022-23

Amireh Rezaei-Kamalabad is a Muse Scholar and Bluhm Scholar at Hunter College. She is pursuing a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Classical Archaeology and Economics. This combination has allowed her to pursue her passion for ancient history and the arts while also preparing for a career in finance.

Amyah McGrier is a freshman at Hunter College studying Art History. She loves to paint, draw, and create new artistic ideas. Amyah is very excited to be an Arts Ambassador this year. She hopes to help Hunter engage more with the arts and help students see the arts from a new perspective.

Gabriella Cuellar (she/her) is a sophomore majoring in Media Studies.

Mia Rodriguez is a freshman Psychology major with a Theatre minor. For Mia, M.I.A stands for Mission In Arts and her mission is to have Hunter bloom creatively and artistically through the beauty of art.

Naomi Rodriguez is a senior at Hunter, majoring in English with a focus in Creative Writing and studying Music and Film. They love all forms of art, especially poetry and the performing arts. Naomi hopes to help the increase arts accessibility and ensure that everyone can experience art, no matter their background. Naomi is a returning Arts Ambassador.

Nayesha Krishna is a freshman interested in majoring in English and Education with a minor in Music. She is also on the swim team and is a classical and jazz flutist who plays in the Hunter Symphony.

Noelle Salaun is a Studio Art major in her third year and is a returning Arts Ambassador. Salaun’s concentration is in painting but they also do mixed media.

Peter Andrew is a Brooklyn born practitioner of studio arts with a concentration in drawing and painting while minoring in Psychology. Peter intends for his practice to illuminate relationships between creativity and mental health specifically involving child development and Alzheimer’s patients.

Yubin Kim is a Studio Art major from South Korea. He is very excited to share what he feels passionate about in the arts.