The Arts Management and Leadership Certificate 

The Arts Management and Leadership Certificate offers Hunter College undergraduates an overview and training in the fundamentals of business required to launch a career in arts management. 

This program requires four 3-credit courses, plus a 3-credit internship with a mentored capstone project, for a total of 15 credits.

Please note: You must be a current undergraduate student enrolled in a degree-earning program at Hunter College in order to receive this certificate.

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Required coursework for the Arts Management and Leadership Certificate:

  • URBS 20300 – Introduction to Arts Management In this course, we will explore the state of the art communities in the contemporary United States, discover how we arrived at the kinds of organizations in which much art is typically produced today, and learn the basic principles of arts management. We will also take advantage our location in New York City—a world capital for careers in the arts—to learn about arts management from leaders who have built careers at some of the nation’s most respected arts and cultural organizations.
  •  BUS22500 or ACC 22500: Survey of Accounting
    Accounting for non-accountants. This course is designed for students who have no prior knowledge of either financial or managerial accounting.
  •  MEDPL 351: Strategic Communication and Marketing for the Arts
    This course teaches the theory and practice of effective strategic communications and marketing for non-profit arts organizations and art and media businesses. The listed pre-requisite may be waived for AMLC students. Contact to request a waiver.
  • BUS 23000: Essentials of Business Law
    This course offers students a basic understanding of the legal principles that play a role within the business environment and in business decision-making.
  • URBS 409: Internship: Arts Certificate Program
  • Pre-requisites:
    • URBS 20300 Introduction to Arts Management.
    • You must secure an internship in the arts prior to enrolling in the course.
  • Department permission is required to register.

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Ready to declare?

Students may declare the certificate after they have completed URBS 20300 – Intro to Arts Management and maintain at least a 2.5 GPA.

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