The Wooster Group

The Wooster Group is a company of artists who make work for theater, dance, and media. They are based in New York City at The Performing Garage at 33 Wooster Street.


The Wooster Group accepts volunteer interns on an ongoing basis throughout the year. Internships offer the opportunity for interns to become familiar with the administrative and creative processes of The Wooster Group. Internships take place at The Performing Garage in New York City during the Group’s workday, which is 10am-6pm weekdays, except when the company is performing.

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Technical Theater Fellowship

One fellow will gain experience across a range of technical theater areas, focusing on assisting the stage manager, technical director, and wardrobe manager.  This is a hands-on position in the rehearsal room and during performances, as well as in maintenance and changeover time between productions.  Responsibilities may include building/maintaining props and costumes, hanging lights, inventory, taking notes, file management, and day-to-day upkeep in the theater.

The second fellow will work alongside the company’s video and sound technical artists to maintain the systems that run and archive our productions. This fellowship requires a skill set that includes coding, Isadora, Max MSP, Touch Designer, and file system management.  An understanding of how these systems directly relate to the work onstage is key.

Fellows may have opportunities to work with The Wooster Group on tour or work with visiting artists at The Performing Garage.  Both fellowships require strong organizational skills and a spirit of collaboration, and are considered learning positions.

Both fellows will receive a $33,000 annual salary, plus benefits, including health insurance. The fellowship time period is March 2018 – February 2019. At the end of this period, fellows may be considered for further employment.
Funding for these fellowships is provided by New York State Regional and Economic Development Councils (REDC) to offer opportunities to individuals from communities that have been historically underrepresented in arts organizations because of educational or economic disadvantage, or ethnic background.
To apply, please send a cover letter and résumé to with the subject line “Fellowship – [Your Name]”