Kunqu Society

Kunqu stands as the oldest extant genre of Chinese theatre and has had far-reaching influences on Chinese literature, stage performance, music, and dance.


Internship Opportunity: Fall 2017 Administrative Assistant – Kunqu Society
Job period: September to November 2017

The Administrative Assistant will support the Kunqu Society’s two Fall 2017 public programs.

This position is 5-8 hours three times during the semester (mostly on the weekends) for each program (including two rehearsals and one performance). Additional hours, approximately 5-10 hours, are needed for administrative and preparation tasks. While the position is unpaid, class credit can be discussed.

Visit the website and Facebook page of the society to learn more about its mission and activities that are dedicated to the study, preservation, and promotion of Kunqu, a highly refined and elegant form of traditional Chinese theatre:

Responsibilities include:
–Assist with communication between participants in each of the society’s two Fall 2017 programs

–Assist with planning and implementing the rehearsals, preparing equipment, costumes, and props for each program, and serving as staff in the program,

–Assist with promoting each program as needed

–Assist with the society’s other activities as needed.

–Must be a recent grad or currently pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree
–Must be able to communicate in both English and Chinese
–Must be highly organized, detail-oriented, and self-motivated
–Must have excellent oral and written communication skills
–Must know Microsoft Office Suite; videography and web and graphic design skills highly desirable
–Strong demonstrated interest in the arts, the Chinese/Asian American community, and an interest in the mission of the Kunqu Society

Please send a cover letter and resume to Dongshin Chang, Vice President at dongshin.chang@kunqusociety.org.