Checkerboard Film Foundation

Checkerboard Film Foundation  is a non-profit documentary film production company founded in 1979 which documents living artists who have made important contributions to the American arts. Their mission is educational and archival.
Each semester, Checkerboard looks to recruit a Film Production Intern who wants to gain experience in documentary production and non-profit administration to assist with their principal activities. For information on their next program, email
As a small and multi-project-engaged organization, interns will participate in Checkerboard’s overall daily activities, such as assisting the team in setting up shoots, conducting research for current and future projects, logging footage, transcribing interviews, keeping shoot logs, working on distribution plans, researching screenings and film festivals, fulfilling various production and post-production needs, and more. The internship will provide you with a good grounding in the administration and activities of a successful small-scale film production and arts oriented organization.